Eco-Volunteers and Internships

Check our Adventure Travel page for information about an affordable 12 day volunteer opportunity that also include excursions to scenic, historic and cultural attractions. 

CommunityVolunteering is not a requirement, but a choice available to our long term visitors. (You may also be with us to study Spanish, write your novel or just relax.) Whether you're a university student or a retired professional, the eco-volunteer experience fosters community with a different culture, health and wellness, friendships and the inner peace that comes with placing service above self. 

Contribution: Service to the community and in the natural environment may mean two hours per day assisting in the classroom or it can be a full-time internship developing ecotourism. Bring your passion, experience and expertise and help us fully manifest the Rios Fund vision. 

Conservation: We work with the local people to preserve and restore their homeland. Orchards replace deforested hillsides and improve nutrition, while ecotourism provides an alternative income to slash and burn agriculture. 

Affordable: The eco-volunteer experience is affordable at only $30 per person per day. This all-inclusive rate includes three nutritious meals and lodging in a bungalow overlooking the stunning Rio Sauce jungle gorge. $16 of that covers each person's lodging. Meals are paid for on site at $4 for breakfast and $5 for lunch or dinner. We also have spacious and furnished tent cabins at $10 per person per day.  The tent cabins are on a covered platform that provides protection from the sun and rain. Beer and wine can be purchased apart from meal prices. Filtered spring water is provided free of charge. 

Renewal, Relaxation, Recreation: Jungle rivers, hot springs, sailing, hiking, birding, snorkel or dive trips and ancient Mayan cities are among the nearby recreational and cultural options. Attractions include 40-mile long Lake Izabal, the Bocas del Polochic Wildlife Refuge, Caribbean islands and the Sierra de las Minas, the largest area of protected cloud forest in Central America. 

Our Education Center is a secondary school for local youth from the village of Seacacar and other area villages, located at the entrance to the spectacular Boquerón Cañon.  The curriculum includes an emphasis on sustainable tourism, sustainable agriculture and rural community development, programs developed at Ak’ Tenamit, a grassroots Maya organization dedicated to improving health, education and family incomes in eastern Guatemala.

Ak' Tenmit's rural secondary boarding school is nationally and internationally recognized for its innovative program. The curriculm is adapted to the needs, interests, and culture of students learning in a rural context. Classroom learning is matched by practical work experience. Together, the curriculum and work-study programs prepare students to succeed in today’s job market and enable students to make headway towards reducing poverty in their communities. 

Graduates represent a new generation of indigenous youth who think critically, are computer literate, bilingual, trained in practical skills, and committed to preserving their culture. 

Internships:  Our Education Center offers opportunities for highly motivated university students or graduates to assist with the development of secondary education, ecotourism, sustainable agriculture and micro-enterprise development. We work in Seacacar, a village located in the Sierra Santa Cruz Mountains above Lake Izabal.